Sehwag recalls a hilarious mid-pitch convo with Ganguly

Virender Sehwag, a former Indian cricketer, is known for his superb punches, which make opponents afraid of boundaries and sixes. It has been a while since Viru retired from international cricket after his retirement, one thing we say about Sehwag, which we did not know before, is his understanding.

Recently, the 40-year-old cricketer attended the HT-Mint Asia Leadership Summit 2019 in Singapore and Viru was at his best. The first explosive match shared a small hilarious incident with viewers of the 2001 series against New Zealand.

Well, the 2001 tri-series is very special for Sehwag, as it was promoted to open a game since Master Blaster was not available. Sehwag said that Daryl Truffle was bowling during the 11th chase and India had to chase 260 runs.

Sehwag hit 4 boundaries and a big six before returning Daryl Truffle, but Indian captain Sourav Ganguly was not really sure about it.

Viru said, I only entered as a starter with the captain (Ganguly). I was reaching the boundary and Daryl Tuffy came to bowl and I hit him to a boundary. So Dada approached me and said: We need five races at a time because we are only chasing 265 and we have.

I said that I was fine and then I hit another four on the second ball and again Dada approached me and told me that we also have a run for the next one. After that I reached another boundary and Sourav approached me and said "We have a run for the next 3, so slow down."

Virender Sehwag also said, when I reached the fourth boundary, Sourav told me that you are also going to listen to me and I said yes, but how can I ignore FullToss.

Time and again Sehwag has expressed his love and respect for the former Indian patron!
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